3 Golden Rules for Keynote Speakers

If this is the first time you are delivering a keynote speech, here are three golden rules that can help you achieve success.

1. Inform the audience what you are going to say, say it, then tell them again what you’ve just said.

This should be the structure of the speech of every keynote speaker to ensure clarity of message, but how exactly does that work?

Do not make a suspense out of your main message because more likely than not, the audience already has an idea about what it is going to be. Remember that they are aware of the theme and purpose of the event. Thus, as early as your introduction, deliver to them your points and stance without further elaboration. That should be enough to pique their curiosity to force them into listening to your speech attentively.

In the main body of your speech, tell them the reasons behind your points. Connect these points by using anecdotes that everyone can relate to, or use a comprehensive visual presentation to make them clearer.

As you near the end, do a recap for final appeal. Reiteration is the key to making a lasting impression that the audience can think about even after the event.

There are speech coaches who still recommend the introduction-body-conclusion structure for keynote presentations, though. However, it does not work for everyone because there is a tendency for this structure to lose curiosity and be replaced by boredom. If you are the type of keynote speaker who injects a lot of humor in his speech, it might work for you.

2. Treat the first 60 seconds of your speech as your lifeline.

keynote speakerHave you ever noticed why some keynote speakers start their speech with abrupt anecdote that makes the audience listen to find out what its relevance in the topic is? Right at the beginning, the audience is given a reason to listen because there is a tinge of mystery in the introduction. This is as opposed to the traditional blubs that make the audience go “okay, here we go.”

Accept it; most people anticipate the gist of a keynote speakers speech, not the interminable and jargon-laden sentences in between. They want to see the climax and ending and not the long conversations that only lead to the same conclusion, anyway. They already look forward to the highlight of your speech, so there is a big possibility that they will lose interest along the way.

This is why the first 60 seconds of the speech is so important. As mentioned in the first rule, a more viable structure of speech is by giving your main point and conclusion right at the beginning. This is to give the audience a clearer overview of the speech.

In this sense, you will restrict your opening salvo to the first 60 seconds. This is the time when the audience decides if your speech is worth listening to or is just another highfalutin speech with a lot of nonsense. Startle them, make it unique, or just be quirky.

3. It is not about you but about the audience.

As a keynote speaker, you are there to give a speech for the audience to benefit, not to boast about your achievements and let the audience realize that you know a lot of things that they do not know. In building credibility, it is easy to cross the bridge of becoming conceited. Always keep in mind that it is about them in spite of the fact that it is you on the limelight.

Be sensitive. Take clues from your audience’s reaction. Are they getting offended? Do they understand what you are saying? Do they laugh at your jokes? Is the venue getting noisy because the audience are already talking with each other instead of listening to you?

If necessary, make sudden and unplanned adjustments on your presentations to break the long silence or loosening grip on your statements. Keep them in check.

How to choose a USB cable

Most devices now require USB cables. Essentially these cables are used in order to connect your device such as your mobile phone to another device such as a computer. However, whenever you are to purchase a cable for your device, you are not to just randomly pick one. There are still some considerations that you have to keep in mind when choosing the right cable for your device.

With that said, here are some guidelines on how to choose a cable for your device:

1.Not all USB cables are the same. There are the A-type and the B-type cables, which apparently are different from each other. Basically, the A-type cable is the one with a rectangular shape and is around half an inch wide. B-type cable, on the other hand, is square shaped and is about 1/3 inch thick. Therefore, you have to know the actual USB port of the hardware in which you are going to connect your device to so that your cable would fit into the port.

USB cable2.Think about whether you need to connect your cable directly to your hardware’s ports and your computer or if you just have to plug the cable into the cable that is provided along with the hardware. This in turn will determine which type of connectors you will need on your cable.

3.The USB cable that you should choose must also have a male connector on both ends. Basically, the male connector is the one that you will insert directly into the USB port of your computer or any other device. Your USB cable should have this type of connector so that you can directly insert your cable into your hardware’s port.

4.On the other hand, if you are planning on using the USB cable that is already provided with your device with the USB cable that you are going to purchase, then you need to keep an eye on USB cables that have one female end and then one male end on the other. The cable that comes with your device needs to be plugged into the USB port of your computer or other hardware, while the opposite end of your cable needs to be plugged into the female end of your USB cable. Now that they are all plugged together, you can now plug in the male end directly into the USB port of your device, like your computer.

5.You also have to consider the distance between your computer and the device that you want to connect to it. Though this may seem optional, this can still matter when you are choosing USB cables. There are times when you would need a much longer cable so that you would be able to properly place it somewhere comfortable (and so that you would no longer have to keep it near the hardware at all times). Basically, when you know the distance between the computer and the possible location of the device that you are going to connect to the computer, you would be able to know how long your USB cable should be.

6.Most of all, you have to check if the USB cable that you are about to purchase is really working. There are times when a USB cable can malfunction, even if it is just brand new. Also, you have to check if the cable is really compatible with your device. You would not want to waste your money buying something that is not even working, would you? Or if it is fully functional, you still wouldn’t want to spend on something that you can’t use just because it is not compatible with your device. Once you are already sure and convinced that your cable is properly working with your device, you can now pay for it!

How to Buy Twitter Followers

The micro-blogging site Twitter is one of the best tools many businesses use to build their online customer base and market services. It’s been proven to enhance their social presence which led to an increase in their sales conversion. To help businesses have a good start with their Twitter venture, most of them have bought Twitter followers.

While many are still a bit skeptical how most of these businesses buy Twitter followers the strategy proved quite useful. The increase in the number of followers has provided businesses the credible image they want to show other Twitter account holders.

Accounts with more followers show more credibility. They are entities who people respect and follow because of the value they provide. Those who see the number of followers an account has tend to follow it.

Buying Twitter followers boost brand awareness and sales. Here are steps on how to buy Twitter followers for your business’ Twitter account.

1. Start your own Twitter account. Choose a descriptive username which people can easily familiarize to. This makes it easier for customers to find you and for your brand name to retain more on customers’ mind.

twitterOnce you have set up the name, provide your business information on your profile. Include interesting photographs, your contact information, and a brief description of what your business is. This will help your customers reach you whenever they would like to make a purchase or wish to ask regarding a service.

2. Set your budget for your marketing campaign. Twitter marketing campaigns also require budget. You may sign up for free but some services that can enhance your marketing may require you some payment. This is true with buying Twitter followers.

Prices of Twitter followers vary depending on the company you signed up with. This company will help you gain the Twitter followers you need. Aside from the company, the payment will also depend on the number of followers you want and if they are target or untargeted followers.

Untargeted followers are random people who follow your Twitter account. Not all of them fit your customer demographic profile. Targeted followers are those who do however payment to acquire these followers is higher compared to attracting untargeted followers.

3. Identify your target customers if you are to choose buying these followers. It’s a good way to build your customer base. Determine their location, industry and interest. They will be your basis for the followers you will attract naturally.

4. Select the best company that can help you gain the Twitter followers you need. There are many to choose from at present. To know which is the best one, read their customer’s review, their terms and conditions, and other offers. You can request testimonials from them to ensure that you will get quality service. Compare prices to attain one that fits your budget. Although you can easily get these services at Fiverr for only five dollars, it pays to have a company handle this for you.

5. Contact the company you chose to help you buy Twitter followers. Discuss their terms of delivery and the quality of followers. If they offer followers in a block system, select the one you believe fits your customer demographic profile.

6. Monitor your Twitter activities. This includes your followers’ comments and retweets. Determine if you got yourself more active customers and provide a higher brand awareness.

Buying Twitter followers is just the first step. If you want to have better results with your Twitter campaigns start with targeted followers. Follow these steps to get the best group of followers to start your Twitter campaign.

After attaining the followers you need, continue providing value to your post. Provide useful insights and offers you believe will help your followers’ needs. Interact with them whether you they are a result of a Buy Twitter Followers service or not. This will help increase customer retention and build a good impact with other who wish to follow you as well.

Tips and Tricks for Buying a Mister

Buying a mister can be a tricky ordeal if a person is clueless on how to do it. There are so many different mist fan manufacturers out there that finding the best one can seem like doing the impossible. The truth is that it’s only a bit difficult and far from impossible.

There are some things a person can do in order to make life easier for him when looking for a mist fan. It doesn’t take a master’s degree in engineering to find the best mist fan. All it takes is a bit of effort and dedication.

Buyers need to be more vigilant and careful with their decisions. It’s very easy to make the mistake of buying a mister a person thinks is the right one. What people need to do is to take a step back and take the time to sit down and think about their decisions.

Surfing the web for information

The internet is a treasure trove of information that people can use to help get a good mist fan. There are plenty of videos and articles on the internet that a person can access in order to get an idea of how to buy the best mist fan.

The articles are written by professionals who have enough expertise to know what they are talking about. Online articles are also easy to read and won’t require a huge amount of effort to read from the visitor’s point of view.

Videos are great because the viewers can see how the mist fan actually works and thus get a good idea on how great they really are.

There are also forums on the internet where a person can post any question that he might have. Forums are excellent avenues for digging information. People are often friendly and supportive of those who post something on a forum.

People really need to do their homework. They need to learn how mist fans work and what things that they need to consider, and the internet is probably the best place for a person to get started.

Asking people who already own a mister for some advice

People can ask mist fan owners for some advice. Mist fan owners are in the best position to give an opinion on how these things really work and what’s it like to live with them. They’ll have experience with maintenance, how best to use them and so much more.

Mist fan owners are often great sources of information simply because consumers tend to lookout for one another. Those who have made mistakes in the past can give those who have yet to make the same mistake pointers on how to avoid them. As the saying goes an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Avoid buying the wrong model by asking the right people for some advice on how to get a good mist fan.

Going to a brick and mortar store

Brick and mortar stores are still great places to buy appliances. These brick and mortar stores have employees that can tell people what they want to know about some of their products. These well informed salesmen can give people a better idea of the things they have difficulty in understanding.

Sure, reading some online article or watching a video can be easily done at home. However, the downside to that is that people can’t talk to an article or engage in a meaningful dialogue with the video that they’re watching.

Also, going to a brick and mortar store allows a person to see the mister first hand whereas the internet only offers a video or a picture.

Tips on How to Get More Customers through Live Chat

Most websites today have live chats to cater immediately to customers’ needs. Statistics proved that experienced website owners having a support application can increase the number of sales of a website. If you don’t have one yet, there are companies that offer plans with this service depending on your needs. If you’re not yet sure if you should get one, you can apply for a free trial or a plan with a money-back guarantee.If you already have one, then it’s not too late to maximize the potential of you live chat. You can earn exponentially by just following these simple tips.

live chatThe backbone of your website is the employees who take care of the needs of your customers. It is important to train your team well so that they would be more efficient. Provide team building sessions for your employees so that they can learn tips from each other. Even though most support agents work alone, it is better to make them acquainted with each other. Another important thing to do is to provide seminars for them so that they would know the proper etiquette when dealing with customers of every temperament.

Make sure that you train your employees to be warm and welcoming when they talk to customers. Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than an agent who is crankier than him. It is important to make sure that all your employees are polite when they talk to customers because they are the source of your income. Getting cheap but ineffective employees would actually lessen the potential income because there would be less return customers. It’s better to get experienced salespeople to work for you because they have the right skills to sell the products of your website.

Another important tip is to use statistics to help you with setting the store hours. If you start selling products locally, you can start off by setting an 8-5 time for the live chat; although, when your company expands, make sure that you also extend the store hours to expand the market internationally. If you’re having a problem with hiring local employees because of higher wages from the night shift, it’s better to outsource employees from other countries. As a start, you can get from companies which get freelancers internationally.

One helpful aspect of using live chat is that the website can save the chat history between employees and customers. It’s important as an owner to check these once in a while. This is to monitor the performance of the employees and to know that they’re doing the right thing. It is also advised to always ask the customer if he wants a transcript of the chat so that they can get back to it in case they get the same problem in the future.

Another tip is to let the customers customize the chat if they want. Give them choices for the font color and font size of what they say; although this may seem useless to the website owner, aesthetics help in easing the mood of the customer. In the case of a cranky customer, researches prove that aesthetics help in changing the mindset of people. If they are aesthetically-pleased, it also increases the chance of being happier.

Having live chat is not enough to meet the sales quota of the website, these tipsare recommended to get more traffic. Make sure that you exhaust all your resources to maximize profit. It’s important to both train your employees and make your website amazing. These two factors are important in getting return customers and so that they could recommend you to others as well.

Digital Signage Software

Digital signage software is one of the components of digital signage solution which holds and interconnects everything together from hardware parts to the content which will then enable the users to manipulate media and applications remotely and also to monitor the screens connected to the media players.

digital signage softwareThe choice of digital signage software is a decision that needs to be carefully considered because the whole digital signage system depends on it. The most important thing to be considered is the ROI of the installation and the efficacy of its implications. For instance, you cannot use the product if it’s clunky otherwise it will not be able to refresh the contents of the screens on a regular basis and the product will not be able to detect any errors in the system when things happen unexpectedly. If the software is clunky or inefficient, you might not be able to take notice when one of the screens are not working properly for some days or if one of the screens is not updated and still showing Easter Sunday when it’s already Christmas season.

Here are some of the most important factors to be considered when choosing digital signage software:

1. It should be user-friendly: It is easier to manipulate technology when you fully understand how it works. Although an intuitive interface is important, it is still best that the user can use the digital signage software to its maximum capacity and this will only be possible when the user understands how to manipulate, navigate, operate and process the product. It is not effective and efficient if one will have to spend a few days trying to understand it. There are a lot of digital signage software that can allow the user deliver valuable information and media to the screens connected to the media player in just a few easy-to-follow steps. The most basic method will be to download/upload, schedule and send it to the server. You don’t necessarily have to be an IT specialist to be able to do such.

2. It can be hosted on premise: Signage software can be more helpful and efficient if it can be hosted on your own and it can be maintained in-house. This entails that there should be at least one IT staff dedicated to this system to fully control and monitor the display systems. This type of software is usually utilized and bought by large corporations and they are very expensive to maintain. Only large corporations can have the ability and money to manage and host such sophisticated software on their own.

3. It should be compatible: Software systems should always be able to communicate with ease with the hardware. It should be compatible otherwise the system will not be able to run it. Look for digital signage software that is usually bundled together with a compatible hardware to avoid any worrisome events and failures during a certain event. Digital screens should go with compatible media players.

4. The user should be able to access it from the web browser directly: It is important that a software application should always be accessible to the end user anytime anywhere. This way, it can be easily updated on a regular basis or automatically. This also means that if the software is always updated, your entire system will run smoothly and without any technological disturbances. This is the reason why there are a lot of programmers that see to it that their software applications can also be downloaded on mobile phones, smart phones and android. This is to ensure that your software offers value for your money.

5. It should be a practical choice: Although it is quite normal for digital signage software to be expensive, there are quality products or applications which can be owned, purchased and maintained at a lower cost. If you are running a medium-sized enterprise or advertising network, or if you control very few remote applications, refrain from using highly sophisticated software because you won’t be making use of their complex abilities nor expensive maintenance. There is software or products out there that are not so expensive but still be of good quality available to everyone.

With Media Sign Pro, we were able to affordably launch digital signage software throughout our school.

Common Questions Regarding SEO Services

Most people have this bizarre misconception that SEO services are easy to grasp. Like a lot of things in life, SEO campaigns are a lot more difficult than they appear to be.

People think that launching aSEO Services successful SEO campaign is as simple as finding the right keywords or tags and using those to increase visibility. If launching a successful SEO campaign was that easy, then just about anyone would be able to do it. SEO companies would run out of business and this article probably would not exist.

Those who are smart enough to know that they do not really have a single clue of how SEO (search engine optimization) really works are humble enough to know that there’s more to learn. Here are some of the common questions that people ask regarding SEO services.

How do SEO companies determine the keywords to use for the campaign?

Research is one of the most important foundations of a successful SEO campaign. It can be easy in the sense that people can just look for a nice keyword. That kind of hasty and sloppy research however will yield poor results. Proper research takes a lot of time, effort and focus.

The right company will do its homework and scrounge around the internet to gather information. They will then sift through this information to find out which is relevant and which is not. Then they will start to analyze the data they gathered to determine which keywords are most ideal for use in the campaign.

What do competent SEO services take into consideration?

A good SEO company will focus on more than just the content of the website. They will take into account a host of other important variables. A good SEO company will take into account other things such as the design, coding, navigation, and so much more.

An SEO company that focuses on layout and graphics probably has no real idea on what they are doing. These are the companies that website owners should avoid as much as possible.

Do SEO firms create original content for the website?

This really depends on the firm a website is working with since not all SEO companies have the same operational guidelines.

Excellent SEO companies will always generate original content for their clients. On the other hand, mediocre SEO companies will only use templates or modify already existing material. The entire point of hiring an SEO firm is to create excellent original content to draw in traffic. When a website uses the same kind of content as another website, then they run the risk of directly competing with the other website for attention.

The bottom line is this, look for SEO services that will create original content.

What kind of link strategy should they employ?

An SEO company worth its asking price will always employ a link building strategy. No SEO company in their right mind will forget to do this. Just be sure that the SEO company employs white hat search techniques. SEO companies that use black hat search techniques expose the website to the risk of getting banned from Google.

Why is it even a good idea to outsource SEO tasks?

Outsourcing SEO tasks is an excellent idea for a large variety of practical reasons. For one thing, SEO is a difficult endeavor. It takes up a lot of time, effort, and resources to properly accomplish or pull off a good SEO campaign. The resources necessary to launch a successful SEO campaign from scratch is tremendous.

The costs of an SEO campaign can be significantly reduced by simply outsourcing the task to a competent company. They can provide professional quality work given their background and their experience. Given the pros and cons, outsourcing an SEO campaign is the more cost effective than having a website do it by themselves.

Some of the best SEO services, in terms of costs and performance, can be found in India or the Philippines given their high level of literacy in the English language and low labor costs.

Author Bio:

ExplodeSEO is a New York based SEO Company specializing in SEO Services such as traditional SEO, risk free SEO, Internet marketing Consulting, Local Optimization and Reputation Management services.

3 Methods of Working With Content Marketing For SEO That Work

There are a lot of different ways to approach content marketing. For the most part, however, people assume that it’s one sided. This may have been the case in the past, but today’s marketers are learning that you can work with this type of advertising quotient in a whole new manner. In fact, you will find that with a variety of methods, you could end up getting the same kind of traffic influence. Whether you isolate SEO alone or you combine several different elements, you will end up with a great outcome. The key here is to decide which method you’re going to work with first. It’s easy to pick one over another, but you’ll want to isolate one and then run with it. Through trial and error you could always find which may work best for you, but if you’re having a hard time deciding, consider how they each breakdown.

Continual Submissions:

The first way to work on this is to get continual submissions moving forward. This will require you to get 30 to 31 topics on your niche, and then submit them to article directories.  You could write these yourself, or you could hire one of many SEO firms to create the content for you. If you have them submit it, make sure that you ask for them to stagger the submissions to that you aren’t putting up too much too soon. With the submission, you will be getting 1 backlink per article, and that will grow exponentially over time. You want to do this every month, and if you really want to dominate, double up or triple up your approach. If you were to submit 90 articles per month, over the course of 1 year, you would have thousands of articles online. The authority of your page would rise exponentially as you continue to work with this leg of optimization.

Perpetual Motion Blogging:

Another method that you can Content Marketingwork on in terms of content marketing is to look into the framework that was mentioned above, and instead, translate that to a blog. Setting up a blog that has a “slow drip” methodology to it is a good thing. That means that you could set up your site to continually post over the course of 30 days every day. You could have your whole year planned out up front, and just market the site for traffic. The content works well on its own, and the marketing leg of it could either be farmed out or you could work on it and gain major market share in just about any niche you could think of.

Video Transcription Method:

There are a lot of tutorials that are out on the web right now, and they have yet to be transcribed and implemented for content. That’s where you could step in, get ideas, write down bullet points and craft articles based on the tutorials. You will then isolate one of the aforementioned methods and you’ll be well within the reach of traffic generation that depends on content alone. This will take time to establish, but will definitely work in the long term for sure.

The above 3 methods of working with content marketing is just an example of what you can do with simple SEO techniques to gain leverage for just about anything you need to market online. Even if you’re a novice, the methods mentioned here can translate into a lot of organic traffic. It may take some time to see it, but as long as you’re working with 100% unique, new articles, you will see a major increase in your influence over time. Just remember, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, as internet marketing takes more than just search engine optimization to maximize benefits.